Thursday, 16 August 2012

Trees and Treasures

Today is so clear and sunny, we just had to get out and go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Here's E at a local park, checking out the kangaroo paw in flower:

 and here she's found a dandelion flower and is pointing it out to her toy duck:

E gets excited by trees. As we were walking along the footpath, she noticed some gum trees in the park ahead. "Trees!" she said, and hurried in that direction. A number of the trees got hugs from E, but thankfully not all of them needed hugs today or we'd probably still be there hugging trees.

My little tree-hugger
Back at home, E shows off her new treasure: a big, white, shiny rock

Look what I found!
and a couple of smaller items are added to her treasure bowl.

I bought this little wooden bowl at an op-shop last week for $2. It makes a perfect little treasure bowl and looks lovely filled with E's little bits of nature. I love op-shop finds.


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  1. That tree huggin' looks like fun! And I love E's little treasure bowl :)