Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Books for E

I've mentioned before our obsession with books
From cookbooks to textbooks to stories of crooks
So today I will tell you of two recent buys
We bought them for E, as the title implies.

These books are well written, I do like the flow
They help E remember the things she should know
In my opinion, they're some of the best
These books teach her things, quite unlike the rest.

Stories and poems of nonsense and such
Are perfectly fun, but they don't teach you much
These two books are part of a new sort of set
For teaching kids things that they may not know yet.

You see, they're narrated by Cat-in-the-hat
The character who "knows a lot about that"
That cat-in-the-hat, while rhyming with style
Is educating all the while.

The first of the books, "There's No Place Like Space"
On a subject that fits in quite well in this place
For at night you can see little E and her Dad
Gazing up at the sky, both a little star-mad.

This book introduces our solar system
It talks about planets and what is in them
From Mercury all the way to Neptune
The Earth, the sun and even the moon.

The second book, E also enjoys
A book about dinosaurs (not just for boys)
"Oh say can you say" is the way it's presented
"Di-no-saur" is the way that it's ended.

'Though Theodor Geisel did not have a hand
In writing these books; please do understand
When I say they contain 'the Seussian Curse':
They cause you to think and to speak all in verse.