Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Good Weather for Ducks

It has been raining a lot this week. E loves ducks, but instead of taking a trip to the "duck park" (a local park that has a big pond where ducks like to swim) in the rain yesterday, we did some duck themed activities at home. I found some really cute, printable duck puppets on picklebums and printed them out for E to play with. E used her crayons to personalise them a little and I glued them onto some sturdy cardboard and cut them out. We used Kate's idea of play-dough to make them stand up.

These little puppets were great for telling duck stories and singing duck songs.
E really does love ducks, so she already has a collection of rubber ducks that she plays with in the shower. They are different sizes and different colours. She loves to sort them and to count them. She also has a few books about ducks, including one which actually quacks when you press a button (thanks Grandma!).

Of course, who can have a duck themed day without the duck song? E's auntie (my sister) introduced her to the duck song and she's loved it ever since. I swear one of her first words was "waddle-waddle".

Quack, quack!


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  1. Very cute! That picklebums website is interesting, I'd never heard of it before. And we love the duck song too!! Waddle-waddle-waddle! :P