Thursday, 2 August 2012

Discovering Spring

I love the light at dawn. It's as if the world is glowing. This morning I got up and opened all the blinds to let as much of that light in as possible. As I opened the blinds covering our back window, I was greeted with this:

Ah, I love rainbows.

It has been raining here for the last few days. We got a couple of hours of clear sky yesterday afternoon, so E and I took the opportunity to go for a walk around our neighbourhood. We discovered many signs of Spring, even though it's officially Winter for another 4 weeks. E loved finding flowers in our neighbours' front gardens, especially if they were purple flowers. We stopped at one flowering shrub for quite some time, simply to admire the flowers. E was quite happy to sit and admire these plants. She did pick some soursobs and a dandelion flower. I didn't mind, as they are both weeds here.

We stopped at a park and E, who always seems to have her head in the air,* called out, "Trees!" It wasn't a bad thing for her to be looking upwards in this instance. There were no walls or chairs or anything really for her to walk into.
"What's so special about these trees?" I thought. I looked up and noticed that these trees were looking particularly beautiful and were full of parrots and galahs. Fair enough, E. I'm happy that you get excited about trees. Perhaps we have a future conservationist on our hands.

E had fun playing on some of the playground equipment and finding treasures like rocks, leaves and seed pods. There were even some tiny flowers in the grass.


*Like Hans Guck in die Luft, a story that I only recently heard, but was often read to my husband when he was a child. He heard a version where Hans drowned in the stream.

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  1. We were up at dawn this morning too, but that's another story. The sunset tonight was even prettier! But what a beautiful rainbow, thank you for sharing it!
    I read the 'Hans Guck in die Luft', it's nice that E keeps her head up high though! And those trees were very interesting!