Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Inside, Outside, Inside, Outside

E will run to the window to watch the rain.
"Rain! Rain!"
She will run to the door when it's dry again.
She will gaze out the window to see the stars
And ask Daddy to take her to see the moon.

Between showers of rain we head out to the garden, in gumboots and hats. We have recently harvested some turnips and some eggplants and are constantly pulling leaves from the silverbeet, spinach, lettuces, rocket and parsley, to add to our meals. We had fresh lettuce with our lunch today. A bowl of store-bought lettuce is boring, yet a bowl of home-grown, fresh-picked lettuce is a treat. A week or so ago, I made a yummy soup using a lot of the coriander which is abundant in our herb garden. There's still plenty more.
Am I really that weird to like turnips and eggplants? I seem to be the only one around here who ever wants to eat them, unless they're hidden in a soup or something. E likes to play with them, though:

Silly eggplant nose!
We've been doing some more chalk drawing on loose pavers. The constant rain showers keep cleaning them for us, so we always have something to draw on. I've also been doing some more drawings for our picture alphabet. E was in the mood for colouring this morning, so I got a lot of help with the 'G', at least until the sun came out.

G is for grapes. Gravity-defying grapes, in this instance. E loves to eat green grapes (she kept saying "Mmmm!" as we were drawing). We coloured these ones  like red wine grapes because purple is pretty. The scanned image never looks as good as the original, but you get the idea.

Although the ground is still wet, we actually have beautiful blue skies at the moment. Maybe we should go blow some bubbles like Maple and Molgaban. (Check out their gorgeous pictures!) We don't have fancy bubble blowers, but I'm sure I could find some dish-washing liquid and a wire coat-hanger.

Okay, I couldn't just sit here typing while there was a nice, clear, blue sky outside. I remembered that we received some bubble mix as a party favour a while ago, so I found it and we went back outside.
We get bubble fun, too!



  1. Hahaha E and that eggplant is so funny!! I don't like turnips, unless they're in soup and I'm not too keen on eggplant unless it's in moussaka or crumbed and fried...mmmm, yummm! Ben's Nonna makes friend eggplant, it's so good!
    It looks like you have fun no matter what the weather! :)

  2. At the moment, yes, we certainly have fun whatever the weather. When it gets to Summertime, I'm not too sure. Well, we'll have indoor fun, but I hate getting too hot! A bit of rain isn't gonna stop us, tho. :)