Saturday, 8 September 2012

Toddler Baking Time

Yesterday, E asked for cake for breakfast. I said no (and not just because we didn't have any). She settled for yoghurt and fruit. 

After breakfast, we decided to bake a cake. 
We picked a packet mix from the pantry (red velvet cake) and got to work.
We poured the dry mix into a big bowl.
We counted 1...2... eggs, beat them, and added them to the bowl.
We measured out 1...2...3... quarter cups of milk and added that to the bowl.
(I don't have any pictures of all this. It's quite mundane and I hadn't planned on blogging about it.)
Then my phone rang. I went into the next room to answer it and came back to this:

Yes, that's our half-mixed cake batter all over the kitchen floor. E had climbed up onto the counter and decided to try pouring it into the tin on her own. Most of it missed.

E taste-tested the spilt batter (from the tin, not the floor) while I salvaged the small amount left in the bowl. By adding a little extra liquid, to get it back to the right consistency, I managed to make 6 heart-shaped cupcakes. They were quite tasty.

So there's our latest baking adventure. Has anyone else been having fun in the kitchen?


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