Thursday, 20 September 2012

Owl Fun

A short time ago, E was heading out with her dad to go visit a friend. I asked her which hat she would like to wear and she replied "Owl hat". The only problem was, she never had an "owl hat". After a short discussion ending with her telling us to "buy one!" she chose a different hat and was on her way. We didn't buy her an owl hat (and I have no idea where she got the idea from), but I did make her one the next day. She loves it and wears it nearly every day. She has a little skirt in the same fabric (the owls fabric, not the spotted one), but she hasn't worn them together yet. Actually, I made her a dress in the spotted fabric... I wonder if it still fits her.

I had planned on doing an owl-themed day with E in a few weeks' time (to give myself time to plan some activities), but her sudden new obsession with owls brought it forward a few weeks. It's a good thing that "owls" is another popular theme, as it was easy to find things to do.

It all started with E waking up one morning, walking over to my computer desk (I wasn't even at my computer at the time), pointing to the printer and saying "Owl". So... I did a quick google search and found a nice owl picture to colour in. She liked that I chose a picture with two owls. "One, two, one, two..."
Then I set about finding some more owl-themed things to try.

We found pictures of owls in some of E's animal books and we read "The Owl and the Pussycat". We 'flew' around the house saying "Whoo, hoo!" like an owl and made 'owl eyes' with our fingers. We drew pictures of owls on our blackboard and played with a little owl toy that I had made.

I found this owl mask and printed one. We got out E's bowl of crayons and coloured it together. The colours were all E's choice. I then cut it out and stuck it to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdier and cut holes to see through the eyes. We took it in turns holding it to our face and E still plays with it, days later.

After seeing these owl cupcakes on Almost Unschoolers, we had a go at making our own. We started by baking some vanilla cupcakes. When they were cool, we made some grey icing and iced them. I then broke open some cream biscuits and realised that they were way too big to stay on our little cupcakes. Oh well. The cupcakes were still yummy and we didn't need cream biscuits with them, anyway. We probably would have chosen a more appetising colour, though, if they weren't intended to be owls.


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  1. Now I want cupcakes with cream biscuits :P
    Charlotte would've loved all your owl fun! It's great that there's heaps of owl things around, I wonder why they're suddenly popular?? It's so strange!