Monday, 1 July 2013

R is for Robots

E came home from her latest trip to Scitech carrying a box. Inside was a build-your-own spider robot kit that her dad had bought for her. It was labelled for 10yrs+, but it's what she really wanted. E and her dad built it that same day. She's actually getting pretty good at following instructions and identifying parts.
Now she has fun watching it scuttle around the house.

Obviously E is a big fan of robots, so it was a logical choice for some letter R activities.
Here's a picture we did together some time ago (I did the drawing and E did the painting):

And more recently we did this 'Rory the robot' picture:
Again, I drew the robot and this time E decorated it with pieces of aluminium foil. This is part of a series we're doing to help remember letter sounds and identify letters in a sentence.



  1. Way to go E! I'm imagining it to be slightly creepy when it's scuttling around the house :/ is it?? It looks like a wonderful idea though. Charlotte often asks what robots "eat" hehe, I just say oil. Actually she's obsessed with what everything eats.

  2. It's too mechanical to be creepy, I think, but our arachnophobic friend disagrees with me. :P
    It gets slower and slower as the battery drains.
    Also, robot vacuum cleaners eat dust.