Friday, 28 June 2013

Zoo Trip

We had a fun day recently on a visit to the zoo. E was very excited to get a ride on the carosel.

Here she is looking at the giraffes:
 She said her favourite animal of the day was the zebras and she also liked the ibis. She did spend a lot of time watching those zebras.

There's something about these tortoise sculptures... kids just have to sit on them.
E also liked watching the (real) tortoise eating a flower.

We had lovely weather for wandering around the zoo. The gardens there are nice and we had fun spotting different fungi.
I was also happy to catch up with a couple of friends who work there.


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  1. Aww! You finally went to the zoo! It looks like you had a great day :)
    We saw some different fungi at our zoo too, I wasn't really expecting to see them there though :P