Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Pigeon says "Happy Birthday"

E likes to have her daddy read "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus," by Mo Willems. It's very clever, reminiscent of a 'Sesame Street' book that we both read as children: "There's a Monster at the End of This Book," and is written all in speech bubbles. The Pigeon acts just like a preschooler trying to get his or her own way. I'm sure E is learning 'tricks' that she wouldn't have otherwise picked up on just yet, but it's a cute book all the same. 
Our whole family is pretty much obsessed with books. I can't wait until the council builds us a local library. I believe that they have allocated funds, but that's all I've heard. There are a couple of public libraries not too far away, but they're a pain to get to on public transport. In the meantime, we're building up our home library. We have bought a lot of books recently. Everything from board books to 500+ page textbooks.
The latest children's book to arrive at our house is a sequel to "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" called "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog", in which the pigeon has become even more impudent and we are introduced to a new character, the duckling. Otherwise, it pretty much follows the same formula as the first book. We realised that E probably didn't know what a hot dog was, so Hubby decided that we'd have hot dogs for his birthday dinner this week.
Mmm, cake batter.
Because it was a birthday dinner, of course we had to bake a cake! The request was for moist vanilla packet cake. Easy. E and I spent the morning baking. She could hardly wait to lick the spoon. While waiting for the cake to cool, I did a bit of crafting and made a pigeon. I would have used marzipan so that it was edible, but that's not something that I keep in the pantry. This way we get a keepsake, anyway. I had bought some craft felt for another project and the rest was all from my 'stash'. I love those big, white buttons that I used for the eyes. They're the reason the pigeon is so large. E and I then iced the cake and decorated it, with plenty of time left before hubby arrived home from work.



  1. We love the pigeon books! We have The Pigeon has feelings, too. Have you seen this?
    All the best, Stacey

  2. Thanks for the link. E loved the hot dog dress-up game. :)

  3. Aww you're a good wife! That cake looks yummm and your pigeon is so cute! I don't know the pigeon books, but I'm gonna look into getting them now!

  4. Aww, thanks :)
    There seems to be quite a pigeon 'empire' now, with books, dvds, games, merchandise... *sigh*. Oh well, they're still good fun and I'm sure your Miss Molgaban would love them.