Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I have been doing some drawings to introduce E to the letters of the alphabet and have found that I enjoy having a reason to draw again. It's been a long time since art school. Today's letter is 'D' and I chose to draw a D dragon. I was a little worried that the dragon's wings would make it look too much like a "b", but I think it's pretty obvious what it's supposed to be. E always helps to add the colour and we think of words that start with that letter. She enjoys the chance to use "Mum's special pencils". Some 'D' words that she knows are "dinosaur' (she says "dino"), "dig", "diamond", "duck", "dress" and "Dad". Of course, as we were colouring the dragon, E kept reminding me of her favourite 'D' word: "Dora". The theme song "D...D...Dora..." sounds a bit like a phonics lesson, doesn't it? That, or a stutter.

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  1. Now I understand the 'letter pictures'! That's a great idea and I love your dragon! I hope you share more of your pictures :)