Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hausfrau Polly

Not cabbage rolls
Last night for dinner, I made cabbage rolls "just like [hubby's] Mum and Oma used to make". Well, not quite. Mine had a different sauce and "Mum's rolls didn't fall apart". LoL. Isn't there some unwritten law about not trying to outdo your mother(or Oma)-in-law's cooking? It was a good way to use some of that huge cabbage that we bought. Hubby and E just like the excuse to eat sour cream. They'd both eat the stuff straight from the tub if I allowed it. Ew.

Chalk drawing

 During the day, E and I played outside some more. The weather's been a bit colder,so we needed an extra jumper and a wooly hat. E asks for a hat most mornings, anyway. She keeps warm by playing on the slide - climbing up the ladder and sliding down again and again and again - or splashing in puddles in her gumboots. She loves her boots. I wonder if that has anything to do with a certain monkey?

Some recent rain had washed all of our chalk drawings away, so it was about time we got out the sidewalk chalk again. We don't actually use it on the sidewalk, but on loose pavers left over from paving our driveway. I drew flowers, butterflies and pigs. E's drawings were more abstract and, in my opinion, more artistic. She just draws, without drawing "something".


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