Monday, 22 April 2013

Leg Warmers

Happy Earth Day. :)

In honour of the day, I thought I'd share this super-quick re-purposing project that I sewed up this morning. I love to turn old clothes into new ones.
So here's what I made today:

They're leg-warmers made from an old baby t-shirt. There was a stain and a tear near the neckline of the shirt, meaning it wasn't wearable, and I had already used the sleeves to make a pyjama top. I've saved the buttons for another project.

The leg-warmers are really easy to make. Here's how:
1. Measure length of legs from below the knee to the ankle and around the leg, just below the knee.
2. Cut two pieces to match the length and width, adding seam allowance at the top. I kept the original hem from the bottom of the t-shirt, so didn't need any allowance there.
3. Sew two lengths of elastic, slightly shorter than the around the leg measurement, to the tops of the leg-warmers. Fold over and hem.
4. With right sides together, sew the long edges. Turn the right way around and they're ready to wear.

Leg (or arm) warmers are so versatile. They're easy to take on and off which is useful in ever-changing weather, yet they don't need to be removed for toileting or nappy changes. E also has some that I made from a pair of socks and I have some that I wear, too.

Are you doing any recycling/re-purposing projects for Earth day?


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  1. They look wonderful!! I want to make some now!
    And I totally forgot about Earth Day, whoops!