Sunday, 14 April 2013

Home-made Books

E loves books. Lately, she has really enjoyed making her own books. She can't write yet, but she'll give it a go and we get around it by doing lots of drawing and cutting and pasting. I've already shared the book we made inspired by "There's a Wocket in my Pocket," here. Here's some more that we've done:

One morning we were in the garden finding lots of different bugs. Afterwards, we made a book with pictures and names of some of the bugs that we found. I drew the pictures and E coloured them in and pasted the words (also written by me) onto the correct pages. I then re-wrote all of the words onto a separate piece of paper for E to trace.

Based on an idea from "I Love Letters!" by Dr Jean Feldman, we made some little books using pictures and words from food packages.

Over a couple of weeks, we saved some food packaging and catalogues and used these to make our books. E pasted the pictures onto each page and I helped her to match up the correct words to go with them. We had a few words left over, so I made these little cards for her to match the first letters:

E loves to read all of these books that she's made herself, just as much as her 'real' books.


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