Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sewing with Orange Thread

I finally finished E's orange dress which I had cut out months ago. Good thing it was still the right size.

The pattern that I used is pattern b (dress with square neckline) from "happy homemade vol.2: Kids" by Ruriko Yamada. Here's a view of the back with it's shiny, yellow buttons:

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and E seems to like it, too. While in a sewing mood, I also made her another t-shirt from one of hubby's old work shirts. The pattern is "Imke" from "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" by N. J. S. Langdon & S. Pollehn. I've used this pattern before and it's a nice, simple t-shirt design. So far I prefer the basic t-shirt (this is actually the 'boys' style) to any of the variations I've tried, although I am yet to try making one with a hood.

Also recently, I finished these shorts for E. They're made from a cute fabric covered in little black bats and orange stars. The pattern for these is from "Girls Style Book" by Yoshiko Tsukiori (pattern K).

E is never short of clothes to wear, but it always makes me smile when she chooses to wear the things I've made for her.

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  1. Aww look at E's curly hair, so cute! The clothes are gorgeous!!