Monday, 29 October 2012

Paper Toys

Back on our train-themed day, I made some little paper trains and scenery that I found templates for at They were fun to make and really cute. Yesterday, I got the bug again and made a bunch of new paper toys.

 I found the template for the LMFAO robot on

By far the simplest toy that I made was this simple cube with Monstro's face (from The Binding of Isaac). The template for this one can be found at the cubeecraft website:

I also made a couple of cute paper toys of the Spongebob Squarepants characters Gary and Plankton. These templates can be found at

These paper toys certainly don't last long in the hands of a toddler, but I have fun making them and E has fun playing with them until they're too scrunched up to be classed as 'toys' any longer.

Anyone else found a crafty obsession lately?



  1. Not exactly an obsession with craft but have a look at my blog.

  2. Aww they were loved to death, hehe, thanks for taking photos beforehand, I was wondering what kind of paper toys you'd made!