Saturday, 27 October 2012

Flowers and Warm Weather

We spent a lot of time this morning out in the backyard, on the swing-set, pottering in the garden and just enjoying the warm weather. The day will soon become too hot to be doing much at all out there, so luckily we were all up fairly early to enjoy it. It has been hot and sunny here every day this week. Here's E on her swing, somewhere you can find her at least once a day:

The new seedlings in the garden are going well and have been getting lots of sun. The sprinkler system is all set up again, so they're getting well watered too. E and her dad went out and bought some more plants the other day: some flowers this time, which they planted along the back fence.

I'm not sure what these flowers are called. They are all different colours: pink, yellow, orange, magenta, bright red and deep red. We added a few bags of redgum chips around them and I think it looks rather pretty.


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