Monday, 26 November 2012

Garden Update

Here's some things that are going on in our little garden.

About a week ago, we bought a whole bunch of these stylidium plants from a local plant nursery. We finally gave our front garden a little love and got rid of a lot of weeds and moved some dirt around. We pulled out a couple of sad-looking grassy plants and planted the stylidium along the side of the driveway. It's a shrub native to our area, so hopefully it goes well without too much fuss. The last natives that I tried to grow all died because they were accidentally given the wrong fertiliser. We also added a cute little rosemary bush.

In the back garden, we've added a new lemon tree and lots of mulch. My husband planted a few petunias around the place to give a bit of extra colour and to hopefully attract a few good bugs. We've got these purple ones and some bright pink ones with the same white outline. The last lot of colourful flowers that we planted are still going well, seemingly getting bigger and brighter daily.

We have some veggies ready for picking, like this big kohlrabi. The last lot got made into fritters. Not sure what this one's destined to become.

I also picked a huge beetroot this morning and there's a bush full of (Japanese?) eggplants ready to be used before the grubs find them. Wandering around the garden, we still find little mushrooms popping up in shady places. Here's one taking a bow:

and an onion flower in the same pose:

Something else rather exciting is our first ripe nectarine. Doesn't it look so sweet and juicy? I'm itching to taste it... later, later...

So, obviously, we've been spending a bit of time in the garden over the last couple of weeks (while avoiding the hot sun in the middle of the day). How goes your garden?



  1. Everything is beautiful! Omg I love nectarines, I wouldn't be able to wait!!
    Our lawn is covered in prickles and the dog keeps killing my pot plants :/ not so good lol.